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October 17, 2018
Video shows monkey 'driving' bus in Karnataka, India
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Video shows monkey ‘driving’ bus in Karnataka, India

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This is not the face of a man who is concerned by events

An Indian bus driver has been suspended – for letting a monkey “drive” his bus.

This is despite not one of the 30-or-so passengers on board the vehicle in southern Karnataka state complaining about their furry chauffeur.

However, when a video of the relaxed – and apparently competent – langur monkey taking the wheel went viral, the human driver’s employers took action.

The safety of passengers cannot be put at risk by “allowing a monkey on the steering” wheel, a spokesman said.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, this has not been an entirely popular decision with internet users delighted by the short clip.

“So sweet. Why suspend. He should have been warned not to repeat this,” Parag Heda tweeted.

The incident took place on Monday, according to the government’s road transport corporation – which only learned of the unusual driver’s actions after the video went viral.

According to witnesses, the monkey boarded the vehicle with another passenger but refused to sit anywhere but up front as the bus travelled around Davanagere.

The driver, named as M Prakash, seemed to be unconcerned by this turn of events, allowing his new friend to sit on the steering wheel as they continued their journey.

In fairness to Mr Prakash, he does appear to have one hand on the wheel at all times. And in fairness to the monkey, he does seem to be paying attention to the road ahead – although whether he had mastered the mirrors is unclear.

According to reports, the monkey eventually reached his destination and left the driver to carry on with his day.

Source BBC News

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