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December 12, 2018
Diane Rwigara: Rwanda government critic acquitted
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Diane Rwigara: Rwanda government critic acquitted

Diane Rwigara, a critic of Rwanda's President, reacts as she speaks during an interview with AFP at her home in Kigali, after her recent release on bail by the High Court, on November 2, 2018Image copyright

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Diane Rwigara is a prominent critic of Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame

A Rwandan court in the capital, Kigali, has acquitted government critic Diane Rwigara and her mother of charges of inciting insurrection and forgery.

Ms Rwigara has been imprisoned for over a year, after being barred from running in presidential elections against the long-standing incumbent Paul Kagame.

The Rwandan politician denied the charges, which she had said were politically motivated.

A three-judge panel told a packed court all the charges were “baseless”.

Source BBC News

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