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June 1, 2019
Deadly blast ruins Russia housing block in Magnitogorsk
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Deadly blast ruins Russia housing block in Magnitogorsk

Devastated block of flats in Magnitogorsk, 31 Dec 18Image copyright
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The blast’s came from or near the ground floor

Rescuers in the central Russian city of Magnitogorsk are searching for survivors after an explosion devastated a block of flats, killing at least three people.

Officials in the city, in the Urals region, say a gas leak caused the blast. They say 79 people are missing.

The building was home to 110 people, and 48 flats collapsed in the blast.

It is a race against time to find survivors, as the temperature in the industrial city is -15C.

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Just a handful of survivors have been found so far

Source BBC News

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