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December 11, 2018
California shootings: Six dead in Bakersfield
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California shootings: Six dead in Bakersfield


Six people have been killed in linked shootings in the city of Bakersfield in California, police say.

A man and his wife drove to a trucking business in the city, where the man shot dead two men and his wife.

The man then drove to another residence where he shot dead two more people.

After hijacking a vehicle with a woman and child in it, the man was then confronted by a deputy and shot himself dead. Police are still investigating the motives behind the killings.

Donny Youngblood of the Kern County Sheriff’s Department said deputies were called to the trucking business after reports of shots being fired at 17:20 local time (00:20 GMT) .

The deputies learned that the husband had confronted a man and then shot both him and his own wife. Another man then appeared at the scene and the husband shot at him, before pursuing him and shooting him dead.

The husband then drove to a residence on Breckenridge Road and shot dead two people.

After carjacking a vehicle, the woman and child inside managed to escape.

The man pulled over after a deputy confronted him with a firearm and then shot himself dead.

The Sheriff’s Department said the shootings took only a short period of time and were not random.

Source BBC News

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