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November 15, 2018
'Usain Bolt Of Pugs' Wins Third Straight Sprint Championship
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‘Usain Bolt Of Pugs’ Wins Third Straight Sprint Championship

Those wondering who can fill the void left by Usain Bolt’s retirement from sprinting need look no further than Emma the pug.

The four-legged cutie won her third straight international 50-meter title for pugs on Saturday in Berlin, according to reports.

The 4-year-old smushed-face sprinter finished in 5.866 seconds to defeat dozens of others in the time trial.

German broadcaster DW says she’s been called “the Usain Bolt of pugs.”

For her three-peat, Emma received a big blue pillow with a pug face.

Runner’s World noted that while the pugs sizzled down the track, they were kept comfortable on a hot day with lots of water.

Source HuffPost

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