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October 18, 2018
Philadelphia Football Analyst Says Eagles Should Abstain From Sex
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Philadelphia Football Analyst Says Eagles Should Abstain From Sex

A former player said the team needed to stop having sex to reverse its 2-3 start to the season.

In a clip posted Monday, Eagles analyst Garry Cobb for Philly station Fox 29 said the Super Bowl champs needed “drastic measures,” a “fast” if you will.

The Fox 29 team finally guessed what Cobb meant and became incredulous, prompting him to say: “It fogs up your mind.”

This makes us wonder about the personal life of Cobb during his NFL days of playing for the Eagles and other teams.

The notion that nookie undermines athletic performance hasn’t been supported by most scientific research on the topic. But, as researcher David Bishop of Victoria University noted to CNN, “If sex is going to affect performance, it will be via a lack of sleep.”

Source HuffPost

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