10/09/2018 05:47 am ET

The Times just apologized for calling your dog dumb.

The New York Times apologized to its readers and dog lovers everywhere on Monday for publishing an article which casts doubt over the intelligence of man’s best friend.   

Clearly, the paper of record had never heard of Holly, a financially savvy New York pooch who hoards money so that she can pay for treats herself: 

Or this real-life Scooby-Doo, who uncovered more than $100,000 of heroin buried in his backyard:

While The Times tried to make it up to their readers by linking them to photos of corgis marching around Washington, many accused the publication of promoting “straight cat propaganda”:

But are the adorable corgi pictures enough to repair the damage that’s already been done? Judging by some of the reactions on Twitter, the answer is no: