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September 9, 2019
This Gymnast's World Record Backflip Has To Be Seen To Be Believed
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This Gymnast’s World Record Backflip Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

A British gymnast backflipped himself into the record books with a spectacular horizontal bar leap.

Ashley Watson, 26, nailed the 5.87 meter jump in Leeds, northern England, in October to secure himself a prestigious Guinness World Record, reports the BBC.

Astonishing footage that Watson only shared to Instagram this week shows him swinging around the launch bar three times before backflipping over and successfully grabbing hold of the landing bar.

Watson also shared a picture of himself with his official world record certificate:

Watson, a member of the Team GB elite gymnastics squad, is known for sharing training videos online ― some of which have a rather amusing take:

Source HuffPost

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