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November 16, 2018
Sarah Silverman Reminds 'Defeatist' Democrats That 'They F**king Won'
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Sarah Silverman Reminds ‘Defeatist’ Democrats That ‘They F**king Won’

Sarah Silverman delivered a stern message to Democrats who may be failing to appreciate the success their party enjoyed in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

“Look at the big picture here,” Silverman said in a “Quickie” clip for her Hulu show “I Love You, America” shared online Wednesday. “Democrats are so defeatist, they can’t even act like they won when they won. They fucking won!”

Silverman said President Donald Trump’s “breaking up” with Attorney General Jeff Sessions “for the tenth time” shouldn’t distract people from how Democrats flipped the House of Representatives and the other victories they enjoyed.

She also questioned whether Republican wins were even wins at all. “I mean, we’re talking several seats won by indicted criminals and racists funded by Nazis,” she added.

Source HuffPost

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