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June 1, 2019
Millions To See Pay Hikes In 2019 As Minimum Wage Increases In 20 States
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Millions To See Pay Hikes In 2019 As Minimum Wage Increases In 20 States

Name: Gabrielle Hatcher <br>Age: 27<br>City: New York<br>Job: Waitress<br>Pay: $5 per hour plus tips<br>Why she&rsquo;s protesting: “As a tip worker, I make a sub-minimum wage of $5 an hour plus tips, so I never really know how much I&rsquo;m going to make, and in every other position you generally know how much you&rsquo;re making before you take a job. A lot of people here are wondering why we&rsquo;re talking about racial justice, but racial justice and economic justice are really just two sides of the same coin here. As a woman of color, I&rsquo;ve been passed up for promotions and higher-paying positions. I&rsquo;ve been turned down from positions where I&rsquo;d be making more money because they only hire white males at a lot of fine dining establishments in the city. I live with five other workers in the city and we struggle to make ends meet because we never know how much we&rsquo;re going to work. We work for eight&nbsp;hours plus, and sometimes we only make 20 bucks. We can&rsquo;t afford health coverage, so we stay sick longer, we serve the public when we&rsquo;re healthy and if we don&rsquo;t find coverage we risk losing our job. Being a tip worker kind of exploits you to the whims of total strangers. It&rsquo;s kind of ridiculous that businesses expect their customers to pay their employees. It doesn&rsquo;t make any sense, especially because I&rsquo;ve experienced harassment a lot and there&rsquo;s not a lot of room to speak up or defend yourself without losing your job.”

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