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October 19, 2018
Brazen Dognappers Caught On Camera Stealing Firefighter’s Puppy
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Brazen Dognappers Caught On Camera Stealing Firefighter’s Puppy

Bernese Mountain Dog (The Lover)

The Bernese Mountain Dog, a larger breed of dog, is known for its fierce loyalty and watchdog tendencies. This puppy is devoted to you no matter what and will adore you regardless of your mood. Unlike a man, the Bernese will not roll over when you hear something in the middle of the night and would rather not investigate yourself. This little guy will already be at the scene, ready to tear whoever or whatever is making that creaking noise to shreds. Although these puppies can be a bit shy (don’t expect him to let you in immediately) and they can gain weight rather easily (hey, more to love), they are gentle giants ready to give and receive love.


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