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September 14, 2019
Barack Obama Bashes He Who Shall Not Be Named With 'Fact-Based Reality' Speech
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Barack Obama Bashes He Who Shall Not Be Named With ‘Fact-Based Reality’ Speech

But for many it was crystal clear who Obama was bashing in a speech in Las Vegas on Monday night when he said that “unlike some, I actually try to state facts.”

Check out the video here:

Obama, who was stumping for Nevadan Democrats ahead of the November midterms, warned the audience against voting Republican because of “what they’re saying they’re going to do if you send them back to do more.”

“I believe in facts, alright?” Obama added. “I believe in a fact-based reality and a fact-based politics. I don’t believe in just making stuff up. I think actually you should say to people what’s true.”

Source HuffPost

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