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December 14, 2018
Anna Kendrick Reveals Which Mommy Bloggers She Finds 'Really Creepy'
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Anna Kendrick Reveals Which Mommy Bloggers She Finds ‘Really Creepy’

Actress Anna Kendrick admitted on Tuesday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” that she went down a YouTube “rabbit hole” in research for her role as a mommy blogger in her new movie “A Simple Favor.”

She described some mom videos as “great,” “really honest” and “just women who have got to walk the dog and they’re putting their kids’ lunches together, and they just throw up their iPhone and they’re just talking about the things they feel like guilty about.”

Kendrick said other videos, however, were “overproduced” and “really creepy.” 

“They have this perfect lighting and this background that they’ve obviously painted that says ‘Dream’ or whatever,” she explained. “You never see the kid and they’ve got the dead eyes. And you’re like, OK, do you have a kid or a doll that you love a lot?”

Check out the interview above.

Source HuffPost

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