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September 9, 2019
Wada officials visit Russia labs after doping scandal suspension
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Wada officials visit Russia labs after doping scandal suspension

Rusada’s suspension was imposed in November 2015

World Anti-Doping Agency officials have held talks with Russian officials and visited a suspended Moscow anti-doping laboratory.

Wada ended a three-year suspension of Russia in September, following a scandal over state-sponsored doping.

But it ordered it must be granted access to Moscow’s anti-doping laboratory before the end of the year.

“We had open and productive meetings with the Russian public authorities,” Wada’s Dr Olivier Rabin said.

“Progress is being made but some points still need to be ironed out before we can proceed with the technical visit.

“For Wada, the sooner we can gain full access to the laboratory, the better. Clearly, there is a huge volume of data contained within it and we want to start analysing it as soon as possible.

“Then, once the data has been fully assessed and verified to be authentic, we would be in a position to assert anti-doping rule violations against those athletes who cheated and to exonerate other athletes.”

The decision to lift the suspension of Russia’s anti-doping agency has been labelled “the greatest treachery against clean athletes”.

But Wada president Sir Craig Reedie defended the move and said the reinstatement was “subject to strict conditions”.

Ukad CEO ‘incredibly saddened’ by Wada’s decision to reinstate Rusada

How the scandal unfolded

  • December 2014: As many as 99% of Russian athletes are guilty of doping, a German TV documentary alleges.
  • November 2015: A Wada commission publishes an independent report alleging widespread corruption, amounting to state-sponsored doping in Russian track and field athletics. Rusada is declared non-compliant.
  • May 2016: Former Moscow anti-doping laboratory boss Grigory Rodchenkov,