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Senate hears from Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie — live updates

Wylie on Cambridge Analytica Russian connections

Wylie says the connections between Cambridge Analytica’s research and projects to Russian entities were of great concern to him. He pointed to connections with Moscow-based Lukoil. Wylie said that Cambridge Analytica made presentations and sent documents to Lukoil on its experience in disinformation and rumor campaigns.

According to the Guardian, Cambridge Analytica gave a briefing to Lukoil, which is no on the U.S. sanctions list, saw a presentation from the firm in 2014 where Cambridge Analytica discussed micro-targeting on social media during elections.

“The company had engaged contractors who had previously worked in Eastern Europe for pro-Russian parties and indeed the company decided to test Americans views on the leadership style of Vladmir Putin and American views on Eastern European issues relating to Russian expansionism,” Wylie added.

“There was a lot of contact with Russian companies that made it known this research was being done,” Wylie added, saying “a lot of noise was being made to companies and individuals who were connected to the Russian government.”

Wylie noted a lead researcher that managed the Facebook harvesting project for Cambridge Analytica was at the time working on projects that related to “psychological profiling in Russia with Russian teams.”

While unable to confirm if hacking took place at Cambridge Anlaytica, Wylie said that he had seen documents that made reference to “intelligence gathering services.”

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