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October 19, 2018
White House Transcript Edits Trump's Dig That Female Reporter 'Never' Thinks

White House Transcript Edits Trump’s Dig That Female Reporter ‘Never’ Thinks

The White House used its official transcript to refashion President Donald Trump’s dismissive and insulting comment to a female reporter on Monday.

But the official White House transcript dismissed the video evidence and claimed that he said: “I know you’re not thanking; you never do.”

Trump also refused to answer Vega’s question about the FBI investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh because he wanted to talk about the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico. And when CCN reporter Kaitlan Collins asked a similar question about Kavanaugh, Trump told her she wasn’t “nice.”

After the press conference, Vega tweeted about the incident:

Vega also received plenty of support on Twitter:

Source HuffPost

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