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October 17, 2018
Unchecked Misogyny Is The Problem. So, Men, What Do We Do About It?

Unchecked Misogyny Is The Problem. So, Men, What Do We Do About It?

The sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and last week’s Senate hearing have once again sparked a national conversation about men behaving badly toward women.

It’s not always clear what us guys should do during these moments. Shutting up and listening is usually a good bet. But beyond that, maybe we can start by confronting the obvious: Toxic masculinity is a huge systemic issue, and we’re all probably closer to it than we’d prefer to admit.

Most ― if not all ― men who’ve grown up in the U.S. have seen rampant misogyny in action. And even if it makes us uncomfortable, we often simply shrug or turn a blind eye as awkward bystanders to this behavior.

To address this problem, men must first admit that it is, in fact, a problem.

So, men, we’re asking you to share your own experiences. Have you been involved in a situation you later came to regret? We want to hear your story.

This won’t grant undeserved absolution, but it might make it easier for us to begin holding ourselves accountable for our role in allowing this treatment of women to go unchecked.

Share your story with us below:

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