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October 15, 2018
Trump-Loving Old White People Mock The Young For Not Voting In PSA

Trump-Loving Old White People Mock The Young For Not Voting In PSA

A campaign to inspire young Americans to vote in next month’s midterm elections tweaks the old bromide about minding your elders.

The acerbic Knock the Vote ad gaining traction online this week features white seniors who support President Donald Trump taunting younger citizens for avoiding the polls on Election Day.

“Tax cuts for the rich? Hell yeah, I’m rich as fuck,” one elderly person declares in the PSA. Another says: “Climate change? That’s a you problem. I’ll be dead soon.”

Younger Americans’ turnout for elections is historically lower than for older citizens, even when many say beforehand that they will vote, The Washington Post reported

“We’ll be there, but you won’t,” the seniors continue in the PSA, first posted last month. “Because we’re a generation of doers, not whiners. We’re doing great.”

Source HuffPost

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