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December 12, 2018
Eric Trump Praises 'Law Enforcement'; Twitter Can't Help But Snigger

Eric Trump Praises ‘Law Enforcement’; Twitter Can’t Help But Snigger

Twitter got a charge out of second-son Eric Trump’s tweet Friday hailing “law enforcement.” 

“We truly love and appreciate law enforcement!” Trump tweeted as he posed with members of the California Highway Patrol while he was in the state fundraising and stumping for  GOP congressional candidate Diane Harkey. 

Many of those responding to Trump’s tweet wondered about other law enforcement — like members of the FBI, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Justice Department and special counsel Robert Mueller — all regularly slammed by his dad, who could soon have law enforcement issues of his own.

In a bit of a blooper, Eric Trump added a #CHIPS and #CaliforniaHighwayPatrol hashtag to his tweet.

“CHiPs” was the name of a fictional TV series (1977-1983) about two motorcycle cops working for the California Highway Patrol. But the actual acronym for the state police is “CHP.” So Trump’s #CHIPS tweet stands at the top of a long list of others about potato and other types of chips, Chips Ahoy cookies and french fries. #CHP is the hashtag used for tweets related to the state police.

In a #CaliforniaHighwayPatrol tweet, however, one writer pleads with officers to “stop Eric Trump from fleeing to Russia.”

Many of the rest of the responses reminded Eric Trump about other law enforcement guys President Donald Trump complains about.

Source HuffPost

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