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November 16, 2018
12 People Who Made History In The 2018 Elections

12 People Who Made History In The 2018 Elections

After the 2016 elections, there was a tremendous uproar around the country that those in power just didn’t really represent many people in the country. And so activists, many of them new to the political process, started organizing. They joined local political groups, formed new organizations and even ran for office. 

The result, after Tuesday’s midterm elections, is government that looks more like the nation. A record number of women are heading to Congress, and at all levels, there are more women and minorities ready to serve. 

HuffPost profiled a dozen of these historic candidates, with illustrations by Kyle Hilton

CORRECTION: This story originally misstated the first name of Sharice Davids’ opponent, Rep. Kevin Yoder, as David.

Source HuffPost

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