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Grandma Takes Boudoir Photos As A Christmas Present For Grandpa, And He Likes It

Grandma Takes Boudoir Photos As A Christmas Present For Grandpa, And He Likes It

A Georgia grandma did something nice for her husband this Christmas by getting naughty.

Lisa Bishop, who lives in Bremen, gave her hubby, Mike, the gift of saucy boudoir photos of herself with a humorous twist.

The photos feature the memaw in all her granny glory. Each one was shot in a bathtub full of yarn.

One even features her being showered with Werther’s Originals.

Her daughter, photographer Samantha Bishop at Roaming Magnolias Photography, told HuffPost that the idea for the shoot happened about a year ago as a joke.

“My mom’s an avid crocheter, and so when I said she should do a boudoir shoot, she said only if she can do it in a bathtub full of yarn,” Samantha Bishop told HuffPost.

This year, the shutterbug daughter decided to talk her mom into actually doing it.

“She thought it was hilarious, and wanted to do it for my dad for Christmas,” she said.

And Mike Bishop absolutely loved the gift.

Samantha Bishop got a few reaction shots of her dad, Mike, flipping through his gift.

“He laughed, and smiled like a schoolboy,” Samantha Bishop said, noting that the spread was given to him in a book with a few blank pages left in the back of the book.

“Oh good, there’s room for more,” Samantha Bishop recalled her dad saying after noticing the blank pages. 

Mike wants more, Lisa.

Samantha Bishop posted her mom’s photos on Facebook Saturday and people were immediately smitten by the cute couple.

“I don’t know what I love more, your moms confidence or the fact that your dads still obviously crazy for her,” one commenter said.

Samantha Bishop admits that’s just how her parents roll.

“They’ve been together about 32 years,” she said. “They drive each other crazy like any couple, but they definitely love each other.”

Source HuffPost

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