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Mueller indicts 12 Russians for DNC hacking

The indictment was announced at almost exactly the moment President Trump rolled into the quadrangle of Windsor Castle to meet tQueen Elizabeth II in the symbolic highpoint of his visit to the United Kingdom.

It also emerged two days before Trump is due to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has denied election meddling, in Helsinki for a summit that includes a one-on-one meeting with only interpreters present.

The unfolding drama on both sides of the Atlantic reflected how Trump’s presidency has been overshadowed by the Mueller probe from its earliest moments and how the investigation frequently tramples the President’s attempts to carve out favorable headlines.

Prosecutors from Mueller’s office and the Justice Department’s National Security Division visited the courtroom of a federal magistrate judge in Washington at 11:30 a.m. ET to return the grand jury indictment, according to an itinerary posted outside the courtroom.

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