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Donald Trump Tweets sad attempt to troll LeBron James

On Twitter, President Donald Trump often likes to play the troll.

Like most trolls, often he just misses the mark. As with this Tweet Friday night after he clearly watched a CNN re-broadcast of an interview earlier in the week.

Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 4, 2018

This was obviously another dig at CNN (a staple of the president), but Trump threw in a shot at LeBron for good measure. So many thoughts about this.

• Lemon interviewed LeBron about his opening of the “I Promise” school in Akron where LeBron, through the non-profit he funds, donated tens of millions of dollars to build a public school that would help the most disenfranchised in his hometown. It’s a school that is offering each child that goes there more than just an education, but a bicycle to help get to school (or free transportation within two miles), free tuition, free meals at the school and a stocked pantry student’s working parents get healthy, discounted meals on the table, free tuition to the University of Akron for any student who graduates, and much more.

Anyone who does this — Democrat, Republican, black, white, Latino, gay, straight, etc. — should be praised, and to take a dig at them in an interview about it comes off as shallow.

• LeBron’s effort stands in stark contrast to Trump University.

• Anybody who has spoken to or gotten to know LeBron knows he is smart. He is thoughtful. You don’t have to like all of the decision’s he’s made, we can debate where he fits on the court and in the game’s pantheon, but that’s different than saying he’s not intelligent.

LeBron for saying that the President is trying to divide us with sports. Thing is, LeBron is right.’ data-reactid=”28″>• This is obviously Trump taking a shot at LeBron for saying that the President is trying to divide us with sports. Thing is, LeBron is right.

• Joe Varden who covers the Cavaliers for The Athletic makes a good point.

You know what’s interesting about Trump ripping LeBron now? For the first part of his presidency, LeBron lives in Ohio, which Trump needs. Now Bron lives in Cali, which Trump doesn’t need because he can’t win there. Thus, Trump rips LeBron for the first time tonight

— Joe Vardon (@joevardon) August 4, 2018

LeBron is still popular in Ohio.

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