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Deadpool crashes iconic movie covers and honestly, they're so much better

2018%2f01%2f30%2f74%2fheadshot.6b8fcBy Petrana Radulovic

Deadpool is taking over your favorite movies.

In true Deadpool fashion, the masked mercenary has hijacked the BluRay covers of some famous movies. In a marketing move to promote the upcoming Deadpool 2, which releases May 18, Walmart this week has slipped joke covers over classic films to show the chimichanga-loving anti-hero in some brand new roles.

Catch him on the front of My Cousin Vinny or holding up the infamous soap on the cover of Fight Club

The Deadpool versions of some of these movies definitely sound way cooler than the originals. Who needs Wilson the volleyball when you have Deadpool the volleyball? Tyler Dur-who? Edward Scissor-what? 

Deadpool even crashed into some of his fellow Marvel films (ahem, not MCU) and is now the star of Logan and the recent X-Men movies.

You’re welcome, citizens. 

guys look at the movie rack at walmart! brett just sent me the photo. the promo for deadpool is unbelievable

— semi-stable centenarian 🖤🔪⭐️ (@rainbowslinky) May 15, 2018

Unfortunately, it’s just the movie covers that have been altered. 

That hasn’t stop fans from clamoring for entire remakes of these movies starring Deadpool. Get on it, Ryan Reynolds, chop chop. It is the era of reboots after all, why not give them the twist they deserve?

0/3 today on trying to get Deadpool movies from @Walmart. Though I found out the fight club is just a cover on the original movie and not a remake with Deadpool as Tyler Durden. Please fix that @VancityReynolds. We need that remake.

— Kinglink (@KinglinkReviews) May 16, 2018

Happy hunting, Deadpool fans.

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