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Consumer Watch: Fast fashion could be making you broke

Buying fast fashion could save you money upfront, but might develop some costly bad habits. (KOKH)


Shopping cheap can end up being more expensive. An Oklahoma City fashion blogger breaks down how to walk the line when it comes to budget friendly finds.

Fast fashion is usually inexpensive, but people tend to over buy when the price is right.

There are also environmental problems that come about because of so much clothes.

Fashion is a power house industry, and even if you don’t consider yourself “fashionable,” if you are buying clothes, you are participating. Fast fashion has grown in popularity because it is usually on trend and inexpensive.

“The benefit to the fast fashion is that you can buy it, wear it once, and you are not spending your entire paycheck, “says Amanda Martin, creator of lifestyle blog AmandasOK.

There are some close to home problems that come with having the fast fashion option.

“Personally, for me, when I have that mentality, I buy a lot more stuff, “says Martin.

Buying a lot more stuff that isn’t known for being high quality and long lasting means you end up paying more per wear. Buying more quality clothing, meaning well-made and probably more expensive, will mean they last longer, making it less expensive per wear. There would need to be a pattern shift in which the consumer buys higher quality clothing less often, and is willing to repeat outfits more regularly, to reap the financial benefits.

If you are interested in dipping your toe into some exceptionally fashionable clothes—think jumpsuits, tulle skirts, or skinny jeans and suspenders for men—fast fashion could be a way to decide if that style is for you without spending too much. You can help make the clothing last longer, no matter where you buy, if you are careful with how it’s laundered.

“My mom always says wash on cold and hang dry, and that is kind of my go to, “says Martin about her laundering habits when it comes to more delicate clothing.

If you are on a budget in general for clothing, check stitching. If there are loose ends, opt for something else with a tighter stitch. There are also some articles of clothing you are most likely ok with buying on the inexpensive end.

“You know, t-shirts, highly fashionable items, those things, save your money go cheap, but splurge on the stuff that you are going to wear for a long time, “says Martin.

The clothes you buy do impact the environment– too. The majority of clothes end up in landfills, so the more you buy the heavier the impact on the planet.

Better shopping habits include: having an idea of what your style is, so you only buy clothes you’ll use often; being careful with how you clean your clothes so they last longer; using accessories to make outfits look new.

Traditionally there are also just two main fashion seasons. Fast fashion has developed micro-seasons. This means a new set of styles appear nearly weekly, and can make people feel out of trend so they are encouraged to buy more.

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