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September 6, 2019
Tom Hanks Gets Into The Holiday Spirit And Buys Fans Lunch At In-N-Out
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Tom Hanks Gets Into The Holiday Spirit And Buys Fans Lunch At In-N-Out

Tom Hanks double-doubled down on generosity this holiday season.

On Friday, the beloved actor, who has a reputation for being extremely nice, visited an In-N-Out restaurant in Fontana, California, with his wife, actress Rita Wilson, to get a bite to eat, CBS Los Angeles reports.

And while he was there, he decided to take on the role of Burger Claus.

The 62-year-old Oscar winner cheerfully snapped selfies with customers and staff at the fast food chain and bought people lunch. 

Before leaving, he even picked up the tab for a few folks in the drive-thru lane.

Some star-struck fans posted the proof on social media:

This is not the first time Hanks has gifted people with free fast food deliciousness.

In 2017, a Twitter user said that when she was working as an intern on the talk show “Conan,” Hanks stopped in and brought all the interns food from In-N-Out “because he thought we looked hungry.”

Aw, man, that Tom Hanks. He has a BIG heart.

Source HuffPost

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